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Thank you for contacting us!
Only individual bookings (1 family, max 6 people) apply, no groups, no family bookings.
We love the peace, nature and silence, don't you?     Sorry, NO VISITORS ALLOWED  (THIS BECAUSE OF THE SMALL SCALE)


Welcome to Camping De Nachtegaal, where we do our utmost to answer emails as quickly as possible. Be sure to check your spam if you haven't received anything. Greetings the nightingales

Cafe and campsite In the Nightingale
cafe open Saturday afternoon and Sunday all day
Koen Hardeman & Annelies Caulier
Rodebergstraat 36     8954 Westouter-Heuvelland
Phone: Mobile 0478 / 52 50 65 (via SMS)

Spacious parking lot

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