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Our café & cuisine is open all year round on  
Saturday  and sunday  
During the summer months also open during the week (closed Mon to Wed)
just come by and enjoy...
                     We are happy to open for groups or on special request...
" Breakfast stands for us  equal to a feeling"
"enjoy simple but  fresh and tasty dishes in a homely atmosphere"


Organic Vegetables

In the cozy cafe you can enjoy a delicious Trappist beer, a freshly brewed tea, a fine expresso, a fresh pancake,

a well-kept sandwich, picon maison and many more goodies...

who is looking for a novel ... here you tap an alternative in our book shop

In the afternoon we serve delicious and honest dishes. We work with local farmers, local crops, local products.  

This connection (LIAISON) makes us very aware of sustainability and the ecological system.

The collaboration with LIAISON.VLAANDEREN ensures that we support local producers.


During your stay you can enjoy a reserved package









Breakfast possible with prior reservation  (notify before 10 a.m. the day before)

13 euros per person (with local products)

Sandwich meals are possible

(also on Saturday afternoon, subject to prior reservation)

Formula: bread with Orval cheese, salad, potato in the skin 12.50 euros

Formula: bread with ham or pate, salad, baked potato  12.50 euros

Soup of the day with artisan bread, salads, pastas, pork belly, jars of meat and so much more...



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